Uniswap cryptocurrency exchange reports collection of data on users wallets

The marketplace has updated its privacy policy. It now states that the company may collect information about a user, with the exception of confidential data
Uniswap cryptocurrency exchange reports collection of data on users wallets

Uniswap, the largest decentralized crypto exchange, presented an updated privacy policy. The announcement states that the marketplace collects certain online and offline data related to users’ cryptocurrency wallets.

Uniswap says that publicly available data is analyzed to make decisions. Regarding offline data, the company explained that it does not collect personal data, such as users’ names, email or IP addresses. Whereas other data related to user activity on the site is recorded.

“Protecting user data and privacy is our top priority. But we want to make decisions based on information that improves user interaction. We’re talking about public data online and some offline data, such as device type, browser version and so on,” Uniswap said in a statement.

The updated privacy policy states that the crypto exchange and third-party service providers may collect data related to a user’s mobile device ID, cookies, local storage information, operating system, device language or browser. The exchange uses such information to remember which tokens users have imported, as well as to study their preferences.

Uniswap also confirmed that it is checking users’ wallets in conjunction with blockchain analytics providers to help identify illegal activity.

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