The most promising cryptocurrencies at the moment. Top 5 financial analyst John Belford on the main altcoins that can show multiple growth
The most promising cryptocurrencies at the moment. Top 5

The Sandbox

The token’s exchange rate is currently around $4 and has every chance to grow many times over once a new bull run begins on the crypto market. The cost of plots in The Sandbox is growing dynamically and is already competing with Decentraland.


The cost of Decentraland is at a low level, around $3, especially after the correction in the market, believes Belford. The plots in the meta-village are particularly popular among real estate agencies in the United States, which have discerned the prospects in this area and are actively buying them.

The token is only $1.8, which is very cheap and opens up prospects for more dynamic growth, a Exchager24 analyst believes. The other day 1inch presented an aggregator of spot prices. The solution allows immediate display of token quotes in the interfaces of websites and applications.


Uniswap token costs just $11, which is very low considering the token was worth $45 in May 2021.


There is a chance that Polygon will compete with the top projects and break into the top 5 in terms of capitalization in the near future. He pointed out that the value of the token is at a low level of around $1.8, but has a steady upward dynamic.


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