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08.12.2018, 02:00

Great service. Extremely reliable and fast. I recommend it to everyone.

07.12.2018, 21:11

Hi, iam glad with your services, very fast, secured, may you continue that way.
thanks alot

07.12.2018, 18:47

Great service, Just wish you could reduce the delivery time to say 24hrs?
But never the less thanks for the great service.

07.12.2018, 10:25
Nasr – This site is very impressive. Frankly, the best site you can change the currencies, because the deductions are very few compared to other sites and also the speed of receipt of money very fast and very safe. I transferred the money from BTC to PayPal. After I sent the money out of the BTC, it took less than 1 hours until the money became in the wallet. – expert in the sector of cryptocurrencies and finance!

07.12.2018, 10:24

Great service did my transfer in 24 hrs.
Will be using the service again.

07.12.2018, 03:25

Very good exchange correclty and fast. even the support was a perfect one, discusing with a normal person, not a bot.

Thank you for the service.

06.12.2018, 15:04

Excellent service and very honest. I strongly recommend this exchange


06.12.2018, 10:22
Ali – they are Best !

06.12.2018, 10:20

Great service,
worked fast, safe and succesfull!

05.12.2018, 21:52

Brilliant service, they went above and beyond what I expected with my request, Brilliant service and many more people coming your way on my recommendation..

05.12.2018, 10:21

Excellent, faster and realible

05.12.2018, 01:13

Good service with good support. I'm begginner in all this ,it's was my first experience. Magnatus helped me in all my questions. My note is A++

04.12.2018, 15:27

I've just received the first payment made through exchange service. Communication has been extremely fluent.
Thanks a lot for great service!

04.12.2018, 10:26
Abd Almatar

Distinctive location and prompt service We thank you for your prompt service

04.12.2018, 07:55

Absolutely wonderful. I have been searching for a place to transfer between processors and to purchase btc easily. This is the place. First order and was completed in less than 24 hrs, including verification of identity and verification of accounts I was using to do the transfer. I love it. I will definitely be using this again..

03.12.2018, 16:14
Milton Andres

El servicio es muy bueno y confiable te llegan siempre mensajes sobre la informacion del pedido que tu tengas lo recomiendo cumplen con las normas establecidas y esta todo bien es seguro lo recomiendo

03.12.2018, 10:29
Soulaiman Arrich

The best exchange website i have ever used . The Admin reply fast and everything was amazing ! i advise you to use that website .
Thank you soo much

03.12.2018, 10:28

Excellent, so fast, amazing! Thanks to Magnatus.

02.12.2018, 11:37

They did a excelent job.
They help-me aways i need.
Excelent business
Thank you so much

02.12.2018, 10:30
Maria Pinterne Furjes

He exchange took place very quickly, its handling was very correct.

I will definitely recommend it to others.

Thank you.

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