Opera has released a beta browser for Web3 with cryptocurrency

New browser tools include access to decentralized exchanges, NFT and gaming blockchain applications

Opera has released a beta browser for Web3 with cryptocurrency

Opera has presented a beta version of a browser that provides access to Web3 services for Windows, Mac and Android operating systems, a company representative told RBC-Crypto. The browser can be used to use decentralized exchanges, non-interchangeable tokens and gaming dApps (decentralized applications).

The new browser has a built-in cryptocurrency wallet that supports Ethereum in beta and will become compatible with major blockchain platforms in the future. For this purpose, Opera cooperates with Polygon, Solana, Nervos, Celo, Unstoppable Domains, Handshake, ENS and other projects.

Among other things, the wallet allows you to buy cryptocurrency through the built-in system, as well as to exchange cryptocurrencies. The browser features a news and data aggregator called Crypto Corner.

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