John Belford

John Belford

John Belford

John Belford – well-known cryptocurrency (crypto) expert who has been trading for 7 years and understands all aspects of the cryptocurrency and blockchain world.

Born in New York to a family where the father was a banker. Graduated from Lower East Side Preparatory High School and also graduated from New York University Stern School of Business who graduated with honors.

After graduating from New York University Stern School of Business, John Belford went to Harvard University and graduated with honors, too.

Belford started studying cryptocurrencies in 2013, and today writes articles for best crypto service – and analyzes the market for Bitcoin and other crypto assets from an expert point of view.

As a student, he participated in a large number of programming and computer science contests, where he won first places. Together with his classmate, he started an official radio station at his university, and organized a team to help students write their theses and term papers. Later, the term paper writing business developed into a large branch network. Around the same time John learned about the existence of Bitcoin and Ethereum cryptocurrencies, bought some coins and studied Blockchain technology. In turn, the crisis of 2014 hit, and the exchange rate business began to bring more problems than money, and, accordingly, it closed.

Also he spoke at many crypto conferences such as: Blockchain Life, BlockShow, Consensus, Blockchain Expo Europe and others related to cryptocurrencies and Blockchain.