Hundreds and thousands of percent growth. The five most expensive tokens of the week

The value of some cryptocurrencies has more than quadrupled, despite the fall of bitcoin below 50 thousand dollars.
Hundreds and thousands of percent growth. The five most expensive tokens of the week

Over the past week, five tokens more than quadrupled in price. Marginswap (MFI), Lydia Finance (LYD), SafeMoney (SAFEMONEY), Ispolink (ISP) and Cake Monster (MONSTA) showed rapid growth.

Marginswap (MFI)

The value of the Marginswap token increased by 1025% over the week. The altcoin price reached a local high of $3.15. As of August 27, the cryptocurrency is trading at $1.49 and has a capitalization of $9.6 million, according to CoinGecko. The Marginswap token has gained 1,557% in a month.

Marginswap is a decentralized trading protocol that supports over-collateralized loans, spot trading and leveraged token trading.

Lydia Finance (LYD)

The price of the Lydia Finance token has risen by 550% in the last seven days. The asset has been hitting the $0.078 mark. On August 27, the token is trading at $0.047. In one month, Lydia Finance has gained 1,200%.

Lydia Finance is an automated marketmaking, farming and stacking platform for Avalanche.


The price of the SafeMoney token increased by 411% over the week. On August 27, the cryptocurrency reached an all-time high of $0.000000044. During the month, SafeMoney token increased in price by 1886%.

SafeMoney is a yield and liquidity generation protocol. It taxes transactions, distributes 5% to holders and captures 5% liquidity.

Ispolink (ISP)

Ispolink’s token appreciated 333% in a week. On August 27, the cryptocurrency trades at $0.0039. The token’s capitalization exceeded $6 million. During the month, the digital coin gained 465%.

Ispolink is a crosschain platform for developers, based on Binance Smart Chain and Polygon’s Level 2 scaling technology. Ispolink allows blockchain companies to find potential employees using artificial intelligence.

Cake Monster (MONSTA)

The value of the Cake Monster token has risen 325% in the past seven days. On August 27, the digital coin trades at $0.0020 and has a capitalization of $12.2 million. Cake Monster token has gained 540% in one month.

Cake Monster is a deflationary token that buys the token of the decentralized crypto exchange Pancake Swap (CAKE) on commissions from transactions on the network. When the protocol accumulates more than $1 million, the accumulated CAKE tokens will be distributed among MONSTA holders.

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