Growth potential of 2,400%. Analyst names promising altcoin

Trader Justin Bennett has discovered a token that is potentially at the beginning of a new growth phase, and could be more than 20 times more expensive by next March

Trader Justin Bennett is confident that the VeChain token has the potential to grow to $3 (up 2,400% from current levels) next winter. Bennett argues that the rapid growth of altcoin will happen if bitcoin continues to rise in price and updаte the historical high above $65 thousand. If that happens in December of this year, the price of VeChain will grow to $1.6 (an increase of 1233% from current levels), says the trader.

The active growth phase of VeChain on the background of bitcoin’s maximum updаte will last until March of the next year, the analyst believes. In his opinion, during this period the token is able to rise in price up to $2-3.

On October 14, VeChain is trading at $0.12. In the past 24 hours, the token has risen 15% and its capitalization has increased to $8 billion.

VeChain is a blockchain platform for smart contracts, which is mainly focused on business applications, namely supply chains (tracking, quality control, inventory, etc.).

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