Fraudsters found a way to steal cryptocurrency and NFT from OpenSea users

The victim of intruders was the artist Jeff Nicholas. He told about the way in which the criminals gain access to the MetaMask cryptocurrency wallet

Fraudsters found a way to steal cryptocurrency and NFT from OpenSea users

Fraudsters have found a way to steal non-exchangeable tokens (NFTs) and cryptocurrency from users of the OpenSea marketplace, reports Bleeping Computer. According to the publication, attackers in the Discord messenger urge users to go to the chat room of the “OpenSea Support Service,” which is not actually associated with the marketplace.

OpenSea is one of the largest NFT marketplaces that allows users to create their own non-interchangeable tokens and sell them.

Artist Jeff Nicholas turned to attackers for help. The scammers asked Nicholas to turn on a screen demo and then re-sync the MetaMask extension for Google Chrome with the mobile version of the cryptocurrency wallet.

Synchronizing MetaMask wallet with the mobile app is done using a QR code. The developers of MetaMask warn that QR-code shouldn’t be shown to other users, because with its help they can get the access to the wallet.

According to Nicholas, the scammers have scanned the QR code at once and got the access to the wallet. After that they took his cryptocurrency and NFT tokens and transferred them to their addresses. Nicholas claims that the fraudsters stole nearly $500k from him as a result of the phishing attack.

The incident was commented by Nate Chastain, the head of OpenSea’s product department. He urged users of the marketplace to be vigilant and to contact only the official OpenSea support center.

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