El Salvador adds 150 bitcoins during sharp decline of cryptocurrency market

The average purchase price of the cryptocurrency amounted to $48 thousand. Now the state owns a total of 1,270 BTC


El Salvador bought 150 bitcoins at an average price of $48.7 thousand, the country’s president Nayib Bukele announced.

This happened amid the collapse of the first cryptocurrency on Saturday night. At the moment, the quotation of the asset fell to $42 thousand. As of 13:10 Moscow time, it is trading at $47.5 thousand. Over the past 24 hours, bitcoin has fallen in price by 16%.

El Salvador last bought bitcoin on October 28. At that time Buquele reported the purchase of 420 BTC worth about $25 million. Now the country owns 1,270 BTC worth over $60 million.

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