Crypto exchange Chatex blocked user funds

According to the site, user funds “are safe but are under a transfer ban” because of a “lawsuit by the United States” against the company’s investor

Crypto exchange Chatex blocked user funds

On November 10, Telegram-based cryptocurrency exchange bot Chatex suspended user deposits and withdrawals. A message posted on the cryptocurrency exchanger’s website says that due to an investigation that was initiated in the United States against one of the service’s early investors, the company is suspending its operations. According to the site, user funds are “under a transfer ban,” but representatives of the service assured that the assets are safe.

“We are working to ensure that users get access to their funds as soon as possible”, Chatex said in a statement to users.

The service also canceled a previously planned CHTX token sale.

On November 8, the U.S. Treasury Department imposed sanctions against the Chatex crypto exchange and blacklisted 30 addresses of the site. According to analytical company Chainalysis, Chatex handled bitcoin transactions related to darknet marketplace Hydra, financial pyramid “Finico” and various ransomware.

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