BitGo reported corporate interest in investing in Bitcoin

Demand for investments in the first cryptocurrency has increased among large companies, says the head of BitGo service.

Darren Jordan, managing director of BitGo’s Bitcoin storage service for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, said during the Token 2049 conference that corporations are increasingly looking into investing in bitcoin, The Block reported. According to Jordan, he is regularly approached by representatives of large companies who want to invest in the first cryptocurrency.

To invest in cryptocurrency, companies need to seriously raise awareness of digital assets, as well as examine liquidity and regulatory issues, Jordan said.

The increased demand for cryptocurrency investments among large companies was also confirmed by Genesis Trading CEO Michael Moreau.

“It’s no longer just U.S. technology companies, but also firms from South America and Southeast Asia diversifying their portfolios in this way”, Moro pointed out.

On Oct. 6, bitcoin surpassed $55,500 for the first time since mid-May, and the cryptocurrencys capitalization rose to $1 billion. Bitcoin rose 30% in a week.

BitGo is a company that develops blockchain solutions for storing digital currencies for large investors.

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