"Bitcoin at $400k and Ethereum at $20k." Raul Pal's prediction.

CEO of Real Vision named the date when the main cryptocurrency and the largest by capitalization altcoin will rise in price by more than 400%
"Bitcoin at $400k and Ethereum at $20k." Raul Pal's prediction.

Former employee of investment bank Goldman Sachs and CEO of Real Vision Raul Pal predicted that in the next year bitcoin price will rise to $250-400 thousand (up 431-751% from current levels), while Ethereum will reach the mark of $20 thousand (up 471% from current levels).

According to Pala, the cycle of active growth of the main cryptocurrency will last about three months, in which the coin will be able to increase its price five times. The growth of bitcoin also contributes to an increase in inflation in the U.S., according to the head of Real Vision.

The amount of Ethereum is decreasing every day, Pal noted. He said some of the altcoin’s supply is already locked up in decentralized finance (DeFI and the non-transferable token (NFT) sector

“There’s about 11% of Ethereum’s total supply left, and it’s declining every day. Demand is growing exponentially. The only result is an exponential increase in prices”, explained the CEO of Real Vision.

The altcoin network released an updаte on August 5, which completely changed the mechanism for charging transaction fees. Some of the commissions that miners used to receive as rewards are now burned off.

Since the updаte was activated, more than 157,400 Ethereums worth $542.5 million have been burned on the cryptocurrencies network, according to ultrasound.money. The average burn rate per minute is 4.05 ETH.

Real Vision is a financial TV channel that is available for viewing on various platforms.

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