Binance for the first time commented on the theft of $200 thousand from a user

On August 24, a crypto exchange customer reported that hackers had stolen all of his funds. Now the company says it’s working on introducing additional layers of security
Binance for the first time commented on the theft of $200 thousand from a user

Crypto-exchange Binance promptly provided the necessary support to the client who lost almost $200 thousand as a result of hacker attack, said “RBC-Crypto” representative of the company. He added that the platform is aware of the incident, regrets about the incident and is working on the introduction of additional layers of security.

On August 24, a Binance user under the nickname Cryptoanton reported that he lost $200,000 in cryptocurrency as a result of a hacker attack. Attackers hacked user’s laptop with a virus, converted all of his cryptocurrency to BUSD stabelcoin, and then bought from his account two NFT-tokens on the Binance marketplace for $193 thousand and $4.7 thousand. Then the money received for NFT were withdrawn from the site by unknown persons.

The story with the theft of funds began to be covered in social networks since August 24, it was actively discussed in various Telegram channels on cryptocurrency and financial topics.

“We recommend always downloading apps/software only from reliable official sources and avoid clicking on links or using software sent by unknown suspicious individuals. For added security, we advise you to consider using a separate device to log into accounts with important data”, Binance recommended.

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