Aqua token distribution and Ethereum hardfork. Main events of December

In the last month of 2021 there will be several events that may affect both the value of individual cryptocurrencies and the market as a whole

Aqua token distribution and Ethereum hardfork. Main events of December

Syscoin Core Network updаte

The NEVM (Network-Enhanced Virtual Machine) updаte was launched on block number 1,317,500. This updаte will bring scalable smart contracts to the Syscoin Ethereum Virtual Machine ecosystem. The developers are increasing the scalability of the network and plan to launch the ZK-Rollups technology in 2022, which will raise the blockchain’s throughput to 210,000 transactions per second.

Ethereum Arrow Glacier Hardfork

The updаte date has been moved from December 8 to December 10. This is a periodic hardfork that pushes back the “complexity bomb.” It increases the cost of mining, which the blockchain won’t be able to abandon until the summer of 2022. The hardfork does not require any action from users.

Snapshot of Aquarius giveaway wallets

Stellar holders will be able to participate in the second AQUA token giveaway. The wallets snapshot will take place on December 15 at 3:00 MSK. There must be a minimum of 500 XLM and 1 AQUA on the balance to participate. During the eirdrop, 15% of the total AQUA offering or 15 billion tokens will be distributed.

Harmony Bridge with Ethereum

A full bridge to the Ethereum network is scheduled to launch on December 20 to access assets in that blockchain. The bridge is a technology that connects two blockchain networks using the ability to verify crosschain transactions. Harmony is also working on adding bridges to other blockchains.

THORChain core network launch

The developers of the THORChain protocol announced the upcoming launch of their project’s core network. This project is being developed to create an efficient and decentralized liquidity network and was introduced by an anonymous development team at the Binance hackathon in 2018. The project allows users to transfer assets between different blockchains. THORChain is open source, which has been verified several times by reputable auditing companies and has been presented on the Launchpad site of the Binance exchange.

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